Boulderraum TBV Tannheim

Bouldering room

TVB Tannheim

The developed attic of the tourism information office Tannheimer Tal has a climbing wall and a bouldering area. The versatility meets the requirements of both the climbing and the bouldering community.

Area: 240 m2

Year of construction: 2016

Type: course climbing wall and bouldering room

Safety lines: 6

Highlights: climbing wall for courses, hanging bouldering block

Link to the website of the operator: Kletter- und Bouldertreff TVB Tannheim

photo credit: TalAchim Meurer with courtesy of TVB Tannheim

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In 2016, one of the biggest and most modern boulder venue was built in Kiel, Germany: Nordbloc. With a total of 2,200 m² hall space, bouldering is now possible on approximately 1,800 m² climbing space after the extension in 2018.  The Nordbloc facilities fulfill all modern requirements for every climber – from beginner to world cup participant.

Area: 1800 m2

Year of construction: 2016

Type: Bouldering venue

Highlights: Modern open bouldering areas, variable huge inserts by ArtRock

Link to the website of the operator: Nordbloc Kiel

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climbing tower Hochfilzen

Climbing tower


The Austrian armed forces now has a great training facility for the mountain troops. They can now build their strength and technique on 60 climbing routes. An integrated fixed rope route and an abseiling platform that can be reached from the inside offer additional training possibilities.

climbing area: ca. 370m2

Roof area: ca. 120m2

Year of construction: 2018

Type: climbing tower

Highlights: fixed rope route in the tower

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The Nordwandhalle in Hamburg, opened in 2012, is one of the largest climbing gyms in northern Germany. With its environmentally friendly wooden constructions, ArtRocks design fits perfectly into the sustainable overall concept of the operators.

Size: 3200 m2

Year of construction: 2012

Type:  Climbing gym

Routes: 158

Highlights: 2000 m2 lead ascent Indoor, 350 m2 Boulder Indoor, 850 m2  lead ascent Outdoor

Link to website: Nordwandhalle Hamburg

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The climbing gym O’Bloc Ostermundigen in Switzerland with its 19 m height and 22 m climbing stretch is one of the tallest gyms in Europe. In 2017 we extended the existing climbing gym by an outdoor wall with a climbing tower.

Size: 730 m2

Year of construction: 2017

Type: Climbing tower

Routes: 31

Highlights: Discharge of the roof loads via the substructure of the climbing wall, climbing tower

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Mountain Rescue Center


Just in time for the inauguration of the new helicopter at the Klinikum Traunstein, the new practice climbing wall for rescue techniques has been completed. Even though we hope that we will never need it – THANK YOU to all mountain rescuers for many risky missions!

Size: 25 m2

Year of construction: 2018

Type: Practice wall

Routes: 5

Highlights: Extension with roll crates on the climbing wall (serve as material storage and simulated location)

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