ArtRock builds a bridge between the versatility of climbing, highest design requirements and engineering craftsmanship. If you want to turn your climbing facility into something really special and you have high expectations in terms of quality and design, you are right on with us.

Just as when we are doing a first alpine inspection, we are always looking for the perfect routing. We want to create something unique, that creates memories and always excites.


Climbing developed from being a trend sport to being a mass sport. There are many providers with different requirements for design and quality in the market.  ArtRock remained loyal to its motto “pure climbing” throughout its more than 30 years of history. Climbing is the main focus for us.

We plan and build climbing walls of different sizes with a lot of experience and know-how  – from small school facilities with 3 or four routings for children to the biggest facilities in Europe with up to 3,000 m2. Today, ArtRock is one of the global leaders in climbing walls construction.


Bouldering is climbing without a rope or harness – at rocks, rock walls or artificial boulder walls. You always climb at jump height (max. 4,5 m). From this height it is possible to jump to the soft, approximately 30 cm thick mats down below without a risk of injury.

You don’t need prior knowledge for bouldering. Boulder facilities are popular with children, teenagers, families, professionals, friends and also a lot of older people, to train together. And have a great time together.


A climbing tower combines an artificial climbing facility with the feeling of being outdoors that makes climbing so popular with a lot of people. We plan and build climbing towers on the basis of the local conditions and wishes of the operator – worldwide! This makes it possible that climbers can also do their favorite sport in cities or areas without mountains and rocks.


Bouldering gives climbers the possibility to train in jumping height without a rope or harness. Our boulder blocks are in a public area, sports facilities and hotels – and besides experienced climbers, also children and older people train here. Bouldering is often the access point for rock climbing. No equipment is needed, it’s fun and you spend quality time with your friends and family. Mutual motivation, comfort and sport are paramount.


Professional training for your climbing hall and at home. We will build individual training facilities customized for you or your clients.  Our  campus boards has finger rails in different sizes, breadboard, pegboard, Halbrundkugeln, rings, pinches etc…

You are looking to install climbing holds and LED systems from Kilter, Moon or Tension. We deliver the needed special arrangements of boreholes for all of these training systems.


In the professional alpine training for mountain rescue, alpine police and alpine clubs special training facilities are a valuable addition to be able to practice undisturbed and focused. Our training walls have additional abseiling stands and training rigs with platforms where every common rescue procedure can be practiced.


We are happy to answer your questions, just give us a call  +43 (0)5244 64617 or fill out this form

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