KLETTERHALLE Roccadion Böblingen

Kletterhalle Roccadion


The spacious and light indoor as well as outdoor climbing and bouldering area has a very generous floor plan:  The 17 m high walls offer diverse routes for rock climbing with a length of up to 20 m and an overhang up to 9 m. There are caves and tricky intersections for bouldering and there is still enough space for comfortable lounging areas. The speed climbing wall was built according to Olympic standards.

Area: 2800 m2 (ca. 2000m² by ArtRock)

Year of construction: 2018

Type: climbing facility, bouldering venue, indoor/outdoor

Safety lines: ca. 75

Highlights: a long fissure intersection for climbing in layaway position.

Link to the website of the operator: Roccadion Bouldern & Klettern


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